Garry Shandling — Generous with Sean Penn in Life and Death

0920-gary-shandling-charities-TMZ-01Garry Shandling was so moved by Sean Penn‘s passion for the people of Haiti, he made sure the actor’s charity got a chunk of his fortune when he died.

TMZ’s obtained a copy of the late comedian’s will and he’s giving away some of his fortune to Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization. Garry was a longtime supporter of Penn’s charity, attending fundraisers and making countless contributions.

Garry donated a whopping $10k just to back a Haitian runner in the NYC Marathon a couple years ago — so you’ve gotta figure he left way north of that to Penn’s group.

It’s unclear how much he left when he died from a heart attack in March. That detail is held in Shandling’s private trust.

According to the will, he also left dough for the University of California’s school system — even though he attended University of Arizona — the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as well as 11 relatives.


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