UNBELIEVABLE! Jilted Girlfriend Inserts Dozens of Screws Inside Boyfriend’s Manhood After Getting Him Drunk (Graphic Photo)

According to a shocking story and photo posted on Reddit which has already gone viral online and on social media, a man passed out and his estranged angry girlfriend who felt he had cheated and dumped her, reportedly shoved nine screws inside his urethra.
According to a Reddit poster, the man had broken up with the girl after she accused him of cheating. In retaliation she got him drunk and when he passed out, she inserted the screws one after the other inside his urethra.
Below is how U.S urban site, MediaTakeOut reported the story;
“A man was rushed to the hospital – with nine screws inside his urethra. Police claim that the man’s estranged girlfriend is responsible for “putting the screws” to her ex.
“Online reports say that the man broke up with his GF, who he had been seeing for three years – and she was upset. So she got him drunk, and when he passed out she inserted the screws one after the other inside his urethra.”
See the graphic photo below;

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