OMG! See The Purse Made from a Dead Cat

A handbag made from a dead cat was spotted on auction website TradeMe.
According to Yahoo News, the bag called REAL Glamour puss PURSE, made from a “feral ginger tom” killed when it was run over, is up for sale for $1500 in an auction that ends on Wednesday night.
“For the girl that has everything a one off purse that will grab attention where ever you go,” member AlienTech, who has listed the item from Christchurch, said.
“This is not for the faint hearted … No animals were killed or hurt to create this piece.”omg-see-the-purse-made-from-a-dead-cat
The bag is “very stylish”, will last for “years and years” and has an easily changeable strap, according to the lister.
“That is sick !! I love animals and you are totally disrespecting them !!!” one TradeMe member commented.omg-see-the-purse-made-from-a-dead-cat-3
“This is disgusting.. Not the slightest bit creative or artistic,” said another.
But some are cracking jokes on the listing.
“Has the cat been spayed as I don’t need a lot of coin purses running a muck cheers,” one asked.
Another asked: “How much to have myself made into a bag? Probably around 50 years from now by estimate. Thx.”

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