Meet The 23-Year-Old Girl Who Takes The Girl World’s Riskiest Photos

A 23-year-old Russian girl, Angela Nikolau, has become an internet sensation after photos of her went viral, showing her posing right at the edge of some of the world’s tallest buildings’ rooftops.

Nikolau is a fan of the craze known as ‘roofing’ taking precarious pictures on the edge of tall

The brave girl has scaled some of the highest buildings in many countries, and has pictorial evidence to prove this. See more photo below;meet-the-23-year-old-girl-who-takes-the-girl-worlds-riskiest-photos-2 meet-the-23-year-old-girl-who-takes-the-girl-worlds-riskiest-photos-3 meet-the-23-year-old-girl-who-takes-the-girl-worlds-riskiest-photos-4


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