Amazing! See The Aerial Images Of The Earth As Never Seen Before

Stunning aerial images reveal the Earth as you’ve never seen it before.

Few people have had the opportunity to look at the Earth from space but those who have had this chance have reported changes in their awareness of the world.amazing-see-the-aerial-images-of-the-earth-as-never-seen-before-2

The overview effect is the name given to this change, which has been described by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight.

Now a new collection of stunning aerial photographs aims to convey this phenomenon, to give a wider audience a new perspective on the impact humans are having on the environment.See more photo below;amazing-see-the-aerial-images-of-the-earth-as-never-seen-before-1 amazing-see-the-aerial-images-of-the-earth-as-never-seen-before-3 amazing-see-the-aerial-images-of-the-earth-as-never-seen-before-4

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