150 Passengers in Tourist Boat Crashed Into a Bridge in Thailand Leaving Many Dead(Photo)

A boat carrying 150 tourist passengers has crashed into a bridge in Thailand leaving at least 13 people dead, including a child.

The boat full of tourists is returning from a new mosque in the city of Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok.
The double decker boat is believed to have crashed into a pillar on the Chao Praya River. Rescuers are at the scene searching for any missing people. See more photo below;

150-passengers-in-tourist-boat-crashed-into-a-bridge-in-thailand-leaving-many-dead-4 150-passengers-in-tourist-boat-crashed-into-a-bridge-in-thailand-leaving-many-dead-3 150-passengers-in-tourist-boat-crashed-into-a-bridge-in-thailand-leaving-many-dead-2 150-passengers-in-tourist-boat-crashed-into-a-bridge-in-thailand-leaving-many-dead-1

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