Shocking Over 100 Dead Of Body Dangerous Animals Discovered In A Truck In China (Graphic Photos)

Hunan Police on Saturday seized a total of 114 dead dangerous animals which was tightly packed in a truck in south China’s Hunan.

The carcasses, including civet cats, tufted deer, and other various wildlife species.

According to reports, Ther were on the way being smuggled to central China’s Hubei. Investigation is still going on. See more photo below;shocking-over-100-dead-of-body-dangerous-animals-discovered-in-a-truck-in-china shocking-over-100-dead-of-body-dangerous-animals-discovered-in-a-truck-in-china-2 shocking-over-100-dead-of-body-dangerous-animals-discovered-in-a-truck-in-china-3


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