They Smoke Weed? See What Lord’s Chosen Members Were Seen Doing Publicly In Enugu

According to a Facebook user who shared photo, Members of The Lord’s Chosen Ministries took their publicity to a whole new level.

This was shared by Sopuruchukwu Ehidonye who lives in Enugu;they-smoke-weed-see-what-lords-chosen-members-were-seen-doing-publicly-in-enugu-4

The church members were seen dancing and some even somersaulting in the process.See more photo below;they-smoke-weed-see-what-lords-chosen-members-were-seen-doing-publicly-in-enugu-3 they-smoke-weed-see-what-lords-chosen-members-were-seen-doing-publicly-in-enugu-1 they-smoke-weed-see-what-lords-chosen-members-were-seen-doing-publicly-in-enugu-2 they-smoke-weed-see-what-lords-chosen-members-were-seen-doing-publicly-in-enugu


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