OMG! Drunk Man Gets Trapped In Toilet For 5 Hours After Trying To Retrieve His Phone(Photo)

A unnamed man dropped his mobile phone down the toilet after having a few drinks and left stranded when he stuck his hand into the bowl to retrieve it  which makes him ended up stuck for 5 hours.

The man who lives alone went to the loo at around 2am -and he was still in the smallest room when firefighters came to rescue him at 6.40am.
The resident of Huizhou city in China’s Guangdong province told firefighters that he had taken alcohol before his bathroom visit, reports Guangdong Daily .omg-drunk-man-gets-trapped-in-toilet-for-5-hours-after-trying-to-retrieve-his-phonephoto-1

So when he dropped his phone down the squat latrine, he thought nothing of shoving his hand down there after it.

When he got stuck, there were no flatmates or family to hear his cries, so he stayed there until a neighbour heard him at 5am.

By the time they had worked out what was happening and called for help, around two more hours had passed, and firefighters found that the man’s hand had swollen up in size.

They broke the loo and freed him, although it’s not known what happened to his lost mobile.

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