Benihana Sued — Sushi Chefs Can Split Fish … But Not Tips!

0914_benihana_tip_share_getty_tmz_compositeA Benihana waiter says he got screwed out of his tips by having to cut in the cooks behind the counter — and far from woking it back, he’s suing.

The server who filed the class action suit claims he was forced to fork over tons of his hard-earned tips to sushi chefs at his NY restaurant … for 8 years! 

He claims he lost around $80 every week from ’08-’16 — which comes out to a little over $33k. He also says his restaurant’s alleged practice of splitting front of house tips with back of house employees violates labor laws.

The suit claims there’s a helluva lot more employees who might have been stiffed too, and invites ’em to hop on for a payout.

We reached out to Benihana … so far, no word back. 


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