OMG! See the Giant Venomous Sea Snake Spotted Near a Beach (Photos)

A musician, Tonchi McIntosh has shared photos after he got up close and personal with a huge olive sea snake during an early-morning walk on Tuesday.
Mr McIntosh in a video he posted on social media showed the reptile near a beach in Australia as it relaxed on the sand.
According to Wikipedia, aipysurus laevis is a species of venomous sea snake found in the Indo-Pacific. Its common names include golden sea snake, olive sea snake, and olive-brown sea snake.omg-see-the-giant-venomous-sea-snake-spotted-near-a-beach-photos-1
The olive sea snake swims using a paddle-like tail. Appearance wise it has brownish and purple scales along the top of its body whilst its underside is a white color.omg-see-the-giant-venomous-sea-snake-spotted-near-a-beach-photos-2
It can grow up to a meter in length, and in some cases up to two meters. While it can be aggressive towards prey, attacks on divers or larger animals are usually rare, though if provoked it will engage the attacker. The main predators of the snake are sharks and ospreys.

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