L.A. Rams — Yo, Patriots … We Dig Lobstah Too (PHOTO GALLERY)

0916_cousins_maine_lobster_truck_la_Rams_launchThe L.A. Rams are eating like they’re New England Patriots, even if they’re not scoring like them. Yet.

The Cousins Maine Lobster food truck rolled up to Rams practice on the Cal Lutheran University campus in Thousand Oaks and shelled out $4,000 worth of lobster to the players.

Seems like the team’s already going Hollywood, since even their food has to be famous now. The owners of Cousins Maine struck a deal on “Shark Tank” with Barbara Corcoran.

The Rams have their home opener in L.A. this weekend, and they’ll be fueled up on lobster tots, lobster grilled cheese, and lobster rolls. 

Probably won’t be enough to help ’em upset the Seahawks, but at least they got some good grub.



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