Chaos as Woman Loses Control of Her Car and Crushes Okada Rider’s Legs in Lagos (Photos)

An unidentified female driver on Friday, reportedly lost control of her car and ran over a motorcycle rider while breaking his legs in the process 

This incident happened at along Liasu Road, Egbe , The female driver was reportedly a car learner.

According to an eyewitness;

“A female learner driving a space bus, lost control and damaged both a Motorcycle and Tricycle (Keke Maruwa).chaos-as-woman-loses-control-of-her-car-and-crushes-okada-riders-legs-in-lagos-photos-1

“The Okada man was the only one who sustained serious injury. He had parked to drop his passenger when the learner driver lost control of her vehicle.

”While the passenger quickly jumped away, the Okada rider wasn’t fast enough and got his legs broken, alongside several other bruises.

“A Keke Maruwa rider, who had parked to look for change to give his passenger, was not spared as his trycicle was cleared out of the road and damaged.”

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