Rob Kardashian to Blac Chyna: I'm Sorry, But…

Did you watch Rob & Chyna online last Sunday night?

Or on television?

Either way, you witnessed a series premiere that centered on an enormous fight between the title characters, as Rob dared to look at Chyna’s phone and Chyna once screamed an already-epic line at her fiance:

Are you still texting bitches?!?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Have a Chat

How will the E! series possibly follow up on such an epic fallout?

Especially now that Chyna has already kicked Rob out of the house?

The second episode of this ridiculously scripted and contrived series airs this Sunday at 8/7c and it will feature Rob going over to Chyna’s home to apologize.

We catch the tail end of his Mea Culpa in the following sneak peek.

Rob Kardashian Says Sorry

But while Rob says he’s sorry, the apology does come with a caveat:

He doesn’t want to actually move back in with his pregnant fiancee. Not yet.

Why not?

Rob mumbles something about taking this time to find himself and work on himself and maybe it’s good for them to be a little far apart while he does so.

Chyna doesn’t look thrilled to be hearing this.

Rob & Chyna Scene

She then brings up an impending trip to Cannes and how she wants Rob to accompany her overseas.

She’s mentioned this topic several times since the two got together, apparently, but Rob has always seemed hesitant to commit.

Is he willing to do so now?

Check out the following clip for the answer.

(Can we also mention that this episode is titled “Rob’ing the Cradle” and the subsequent episode is titled “Going Down to Chyna-town?”

Producers clearly thought of these titles and then thought to actually film the series, right?)

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