Rob Kardashian to Blac Chyna: How Can You Love Me Like THIS?!?

We don’t say this often, but here goes:

Poor Rob Kardashian.

Why do we actually feel badly for a member of the world’s most ridiculous and exploitive family? The following clip ought to give you a clear idea:

The reality star will have a couple of deep conversations with his pregnant fiancee on the second episode of Rob & Chyna, but the one featured above really gets to us for some reason.

It’s because we’ve all struggled with self-confidence issues, haven’t we?

We’ve all pondered how the world views us and probably thought the worst of ourselves at times.

In this sneak peek, Blac Chyna is on speaker phone with Rob and asking him why he didn’t attend a party she organized for a friend.

What was the true reason he didn’t attend, Chyna asks?

“It’s a combination of everything,” Rob tells Chyna in the clip above.

“I just didn’t really want you to see me and give you more reason to stop being attracted to me or whatever. So…so I just didn’t want to go.”

Ouch. Sh-t just got real, didn’t it?

Rob Kardashian’s weight has long been a source of ridicule and Internet gossip, of course.

Those who watch Rob & Chyna online this past  saw Rob tip the scales at over 300 pounds.

But they also saw Chyna embrace him anyway.

After hearing Rob’s confession in this case, Chyna admits the following:

“Even though I’m pissed at Rob for ghosting on me, when Rob says like really bad stuff about himself…it kinda like throws me off a lot because I don’t see it.

“And I get it everybody’s like down on themselves and have their opinions, but some of the stuff that he thinks and says is really sad.”

It is. We can’t say we’re the biggest fan of Rob or some of his loved ones, but let’s remember:

The guy did disappear for like two years.

He purposely dropped off the celebrity gossip map and it’s very likely because he was humiliated over his weight.

Can you blame him?

When he has a sister named Kim Kardashian who talks incessantly about her need to LOSE weight and makes it sound as if being fat is worse than being Donald Trump.

Based on previews for episodes to come on Rob & Chyna, it seems pretty evident that these two will be getting into many fights in the weeks and months to come.

Many contrived fights, that is, as you can see for yourself here:

But might it be possible that they are truly in love?

Rob has never seemed happier. He has lost a ton of weight.

This clip aside, he seems more content and self-assured than ever. And it all started when he started dating Blac Chyna.

We’re just saying: this could be the real deal.


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