Public Disgrace! Popular Model Falls on Stage While Walking in Six-Inch Heels (Photos)

19-year-old American model had an embarrassing moment when she fell in her six-inch heels at a recent fashion show. 
Bella Hadid was named “Model of the Year” by GQ in 2016 was one of many beautiful faces walking in the Michael Kors show on Wednesday, September 14 at NYFW, but her appearance certainly became the most memorable.
Sadly, nobody on the sidelines helped her up, instead whipping out their phones to take photos of the embarrassing moment.public-disgrace-popular-model-falls-on-stage-while-walking-in-six-inch-heels-photos-3
Luckily, Bella was just fine, only suffering a bruised ego and some wobbly legs.public-disgrace-popular-model-falls-on-stage-while-walking-in-six-inch-heels-photos-1
Like a true professional, she climbed back up on her towering heels with a smile and continued her march down the catwalk.

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