Meet Saya, the Young Japanese Schoolgirl Who Doesn’t Exist at All (Photos)

This image was just posted online on September 9th but it has been already attracting lots of attentions from all over the world with people’s reactions saying “I cannot believe this is not real!”.

Last year, a couple of Japanese digital artists Teruyuki and Yuka , shocked the world when they revealed that their daughter Saya, a young beautiful Japanese schoolgirl, wasn’t actually a real person, but an ultra-realistic computer generated
The two have been working on making Saya look even more life-like ever since, and a recently revealed photo of their “daughter” has once again blown people’
According to their comments, Saya 2016 ver. was added with some motions and Saya is planning to make an appearance at their exhibition this coming fall. Vist their Official Website.

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