Kris Jenner to Rob Kardashian: Give Your Daughter a "K" Name, Or Else!

If you caught the series premiere of Rob & Chyna on E! earlier this week, you know there was no shortage of drama.

Scripted, contrived drama, sure, but drama nonetheless.

Thus far, it seems fans either aren’t aware or don’t care about how staged much of the show seems, as thus far Rob & Chyna is massive ratings hit for the network that helped make the Kard clan household names.

Obviously, premiere numbers can be deceiving and the show has a long way to go before it can be declared a bonafide hit.

(I Am Cait debuted to decent numbers too, and look how that turned out.)

But in its first week, R&C received a considerable by the recent curiosity over the unexpected, bizarrely fast-moving relationship between its leads, and the premiere didn’t disappoint in terms of updates that were kept out of the tabloids.

The biggest reveal, of course, was the fact that Chyna is having a girl.

It’s big news, as it means the first of a new generation of female Kardashians is soon to enter the world.

Sure, two of Rob’s sisters have kids, but they’re rocking different last names.

Rob’s kid is the first assurance that the Kardashian name will live on.

And it seems that Kris Jenner is of the belief that Rob now has a sacred duty as far as the kid’s first name goes:

“Kris Jenner’s major concern right now is that Rob and Blac Chnya name their daughter something that starts with the letter ‘K,’” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Kris is reportedly arguing that a “K” name would be the best way for Rob to pay tribute to his late father.

Though we’re guessing it has more to do with Kris’ concern for the future of the family brand.

“Kris is literally begging Blac Chyna and Rob to name their child a K name,” claims the insider.

“But Rob doesn’t want to follow tradition and told Kris he is doing it his way, just like Kim and Kourtney did with their kids.”

Rob doesn’t even have a “K” name, so it’s a bit bizarre that Kris is so concerned with the kids’ initials just because he and Blac are expecting a girl.

Seems like a long shot, but a part of us is hoping this story is true.

Mainly just because we like the idea of Kris Jenner begging.

Watch Rob & Chyna online at TV Fanatic to see if this ridiculous name drama ends up on camera.


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