Fertility Doctor Used His Own Sperm 50 Times, Fathered At Least 9 Kids

Dr. Donald Cline is in trouble.

The 77-year-old Indiana fertility specialist inseminated his patients with sperm that was his own, despite telling them it belonged to a medical student or resident.

It was unethical, what he did. He was telling his patients one thing and doing another,” a woman (who opted to remain anonymous) told WXIN, a CNN affiliate.

It all started when a woman researching her biological father found eight siblings after taking a DNA test. 

The woman did more digging and found out that Dr. Cline, who had been her mom’s fertility doctor.

Dr. Cline pled not guilty to two charges of obstruction of justice.

Eleanor Nicoll, a spokeswoman for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, said that an incident like Dr. Cline’s “happens very rarely,” and that the society “doesn’t keep numbers on it.”

Jacoba Ballard is one of Dr. Cline’s children, as is Kristy Killion.  Both women wanted to know more about their identity, according to court documents.

Dr. Donald Cline Shot

Killion knew that her mom had used a fertility specialist, so she called Dr. Cline’s office.

Dr Cline said that although he “recognized her parents names,” he had shredded his records, so finding the sperm donor would be impossible.

Killion then put her information on a site that connects sperm donor children.  When she and Ballard matched, the two women connected and took a DNA test.

More half siblings came forward, and there ended up being nine of them in total.

This was weird, according to Killion, who stated in the documents that “there were only supposed to be three successful pregnancies using the same sperm donor.”

When the donor children found a genetic link to Dr. Cline’s son, Doug, they reached out to him via Facebook.

“Doug told them his father had admitted donating sperm samples to different laboratories over the years,” according to CNN.

Errrrr, was every single donor child’s reaction.

Ballard finally got ahold of Dr. Klin, and she, Killion and four other half-siblings sat down for speak with him.

Dr. Cline admitted to donating sperm about 50 times, “admitted to doing wrong by inseminating the women with his own semen, but felt that he was helping women because they really wanted a baby,” according to court documents.

It should be stated that his donation did not go through a bank.

Dr. Cline also said he “felt pressured into doing what he’d done because he didn’t always have access to fresh sperm.”

Both Ballard and Killion sent letters of complaint to the state’s attorney general’s office in 2014.

Cline, it appears, lied about his medical practices, because the DNA results clearly stated that he was the biological father of Killion and Ballard.

Even though patients at a fertility clinic sign a waiver that holds harmless donors and the clinic of any liability, the fact that Dr. Cline breached this could get messy.

Dr. Cline “breached his overall duty to be honest and upright,” which could open up ways for him to be liable for child support.


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