Nigerian drug gang member busted & ARRESTED after stakeout in Thailand, caught with TWO kilogrammes of drugs

BANGKOK:– Police have announced the arrest of a Nigerian man caught with 2 kilos of crystal meth in the Ram Intra area of northern Bangkok.


Several police districts were working on busting the Nigerian gang after a tip came in from an informer that a shipment of “ice” was being readied for sending to Indonesia and Turkey.

Officers from Thung Song Hong, Bang Khan and Tao Poon laid in wait near the end of Khu Bon Soi 6 on Sunday and saw a Honda car being driven to and fro in the soi. 

They blocked any escape route for the car and went in to make an arrest.

However, the suspect managed to ditch the car and run off though he was soon chased down by the cops. Frank Usoma, 30, admitted that he was stuffing the drugs in water filters for export. 

He was working for a Nigerian friend who paid him US 2,000 dollars a time.

He was remanded in custody ahead of processing by Kanayao police.

The edict not to parade suspects for the press issued by Prime Minister Prayut seemed to have not yet taken affect in this case as the Nigerian was pictured with the evidence collected in the bust.

Source: Daily News



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