Japanese boys soccer team loses championship game, winners console and comfort them after the game


A video of Barcelona’s youth team consoling their opponent after their victory is going viral. Barcelona youth club recently won an international under-12 tournament defeating Japanese club Omiya Ardija in the process.

A touching moment caught on international camera.

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A defeat in the final moments when both teams were going neck to neck was a big blow to the Japanese team. Really a pitiful loss. With the Japanese team losing, many of the young players were in tears after the match.

This was when the Barcelona’s youth came running in to console their opponents. They gave them hugs and little pep talks which made things a little better.

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The image above is just beautiful. Number 4 pictured above, is the team captain and was the one who started this whole thing. With the rest of his team members seeing their captain doing something like this, they all joined in.

The young team all consisting of players under the age of twelve are nothing short of great talents and great sports.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 4.33.41 PM

Really showing us how sports should be play from someone so young. Adults, watch and learn on how you should act in victory. We can all learn something from these little kids and that is to care for everyone, even if they were just your opponents.

Watch the young Barcelona players go and show their opponents they care.

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