I Thank God I Didn’t Marry Her, Nigerian Man Narrates Horrible Experience In The Hands of Lady

I met Viola at the university, very beautiful young lady. I loved her so much but she was always asking for money from me even as a struggling student. I tried to dissuade her from the attitude but her chant of “you’re not caring” will always rent the air at each occasion l tried to. Always very confident about herself. After NYSC, I secured a job where I earned 60k per month, she was in her final year then. I told her about the job and her response was “is it 60k job you’re celebrating”? I made it clear to her that I won’t continue the relationship, she smiled and went away.

She later sent a message to me in the night of that day saying “60k is not enough to marry me, good riddance to bad rubbish”. Fast forward six years with a wonderful wife and two beautiful kids, I bumped into her in a mutual friend father’s funeral yesterday in Abeokuta, she wasn’t looking as beautiful as she used to be, I greeted and exchange pleasantries with her, she responded grudgingly at first but later came back to tell me that “you’re looking like a real man now”. I asked her what she meant which she didn’t respond to.

I heard from a friend who followed me to Ife from Abeokuta while driving down to my base at Akure today that she actually separated from her husband because the guy lost his job in the bank in 2014. What an unrepentant money monger is this Viola lady? I haven’t stopped thanking my God that I made a wise decision to leave her in 2009. I pray she learn on time.

I have an advise for young ladies and gentlemen in the house, ladies change your mindset about money issues if its wrong like Viola’s. Young men, shine your eyes and work very hard to earn a respectable living, cheers. 




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