Unusual signs in the sky are captured on cameras around the globe (PHOTOS)

In our days people got a fantastic opportunity to use gadgets and film the most amazing phenomenon that takes place on the earth and heaven. Lately, people started sharing photos with the strange light from the sky, see what it is.

signs in the sky

This time, people (like James Roberts) from different parts of the globe, such as Italy, Mexico, Florida, etc., report seeing strange signs. They took photos that prove: these events are happening all over the planet.No one knows what those are, but they seem to be a combination of light with the lightening.

light in the skylightening

Probably such things happened in the past, but people had no cameras to make the photos. Or, these are the signs of the last days and they are here to warn us or bring a message. Things are changing, and our world will not be the same anymore.

strange phenomenon

Share your opinion on what these might be and what you think they mean for people. Are these the signs in the sky above? Share your photos of unusual things.


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