Shoking: First bearded female model walks the runway of London Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

Harnaam Kaur is a famous bearded woman, who has become very popular online and on Instagram in particular. But once again she has become a newsmaker and there are two reasons for that. Learn what they are.

Harnaam Kaur

This girl is almost 25 years old. She has a rare condition called polycystic ovary syndrome which stimulates the growth of facial hair. This lady has a real beard some men could envy! But she is not ashamed of it, no!

News #1:

bearded model

Harnaam Kaur has become a runway model! In 2016 this girl has become the first bearded woman to walk the fashion runway. And not just nay runway, but she has participated in the London Fashion Week!

Harnaam Kaur  london fashion week

So, the bullying she had to put up with in the past is over! Now the woman is popular and walks the runways.

News #2:

Harnaam Kaur  guinness

The bearded girl has entered the Guinness Book as the youngest woman with beard! So, this means even more publicity and popularity for Harnaam

As you see, our time gives all people great chances in life and we can turn our troubles and disadvantages into huge benefits!


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