Nollywood actress on premarital sex and why Calabar women do it best

– Queeneth Agbor is a fast rising Nollywood actress

– In a new interview she explained why Calabar women are considered husband snatchers and her take on premarital sex


Queeneth Agbor is a fast rising Nollywood actress who has starred in movies such as Painful Kingdom with Olu Jacobs, Hooked with Francis Duru and The Movement (sanitation). She holds a Microbiology degree from the University of Calabar.

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In a new interview with Punch newspaper, the Calabar-born actress also expressed her annoyance over the stereotype of Calabar women being husband snatchers. “I don’t think we (Calabar girls) are husband snatchers, but we know how to keep a man to ourselves.”

“Some men don’t like food, so you might not be able to keep him through that, but men like it when a lady is clean and of course good in bed. A Calabar girl is a combination of all.”

On the issue of premarital sex, she agrees it is essential to know what your boyfriend is working with before marriage. She said: “You have to know your package, I am not saying just go into it anyhow but just test it. You need to know what you are going into, so you don’t start cheating on your spouse.”

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“Most marriages that break up are solely because of this issue. So I think it is important for you to know what you are getting into.”


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