Nigerians defy recession to kill rams, cows, camels for Eid-el-Kabir celebration (photos)

Contrary to the general outrage by Nigerians over the hardship being faced following the recession ‘mode’ of the country’e economy, many individuals still had the luxury of slaughtering rams for the annual Eid-el-Kabir celebration which took place on Monday, September 12.

Nigerians had been groaning under the hardship of the present status of the country’s economy, while prices of foodstuff and other commodities in the market had skyrocketed during the same period; a situation which many believe will discourage the citizens of the country from making steady purchase of such items.



Some ‘Awawa’ boys turned the celebration into an opportunity to make some money by praise-singing some ‘big’ men. Photo: Michael Obasa

This does not seem to be so, however, as Nigerians (especially Muslims) trooped out en masse to celebrate the successful climbing of the mount Arafat as the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) commanded them to.’s random checks on the streets of Lagos proved that despite the hardship in the country, many could still afford to slaughter rams, cows and even camels.


Another young man requesting money from a vehicle owner. Photo: Michael Obasa.

One of the motorcyclist who took our correspondents around some parts of Lagos said: “There’s a man who lives somewhere around Agege, he kills at least three camels every year to celebrate the Ileya festival. This morning, I saw the camels in front of his house and I am sure they would have killed the animals by now.”


These young chaps ensured that the rams followed them to the slaughter slab. Photo: Michael Obasa

From Iyana Ipaja to Morcaz in Agege, enroute to Ikeja area of the state, people were seen in exciting and ecstatic mood, without any display of unhappiness on their faces.

Most of the people who spoke with our correspondent stated their joy at being able to afford the rams and cows at such an unbelievable period in the nation’s economy.

These cows were being prepared for their final destinations. Photo: Michael Obasa.

“I must tell you, really, that I could only get these rams through the grace of Almighty Allah because, although there were not really very expensive, the situation of things in the country has made everyone almost incapacitated.

“I have a neighbour who also killed a cow, and another who couldn’t afford more than a ram. Some couldn’t even attempt any of the things we could get, but then, that’s the essence of this period; sharing with those who cannot afford to have as much as they need,” an Islamic cleric told correspondent in confidence.


Recession did not stop people from buying cows for the Eid-el-Kabir celebration. Photo: Michael Obasa.

A young man who said he converted to Islam from Christianity, noted that the Eid-el-Kabir celebration is most revered by the Muslims all over the world because it is done in commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim who was repaid for his faithfulness to God after offering to sacrifice his only son to his maker.

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Too late to cry… this cow and the ram behind it are destined for the pot. Photo: Michael Obasa.

“Thank God for the ram that rescued the young man from his father, and that is why Muslims all over the world celebrate the Eid-el-Kabir more than other festivites,” he explained further.


The Chief Imam of the mosque inside the Morcaz Islamic and Arabic institute led the killing of rams to celebrate the annual Eid-el-Kabir celebration in Agege, Lagos on Monday, September 12, 2016. Photo: Michael Obasa.

In all, Muslims defied the challenges they were facing to spend time with families and friends as the annual celebration gradually drew to an end.


The mosque inside the Morcaz Arabic institute, Agege, Lagos, was packed full to its capacity. Photo: Michael Obasa

It was also an avenue for people to make some quick cash for themselves as business-oriented individuals were seen taking wait and get pictures while some also sold yoghurt, puff-puff and several other items after the prayer session on Monday.


Eid-el-Kabir presented opportunities for people to make some quick money. Photo: Michael Obasa.


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