How lucrative is it to date a sugar daddy? This hot single mom got 2 million dollars!

The story of this lady is unique and quite shocking. She is a single mom in her 30s. At the time she joined one peculiar website, she had financial struggles, but in just a few years a sugar daddy gave her 2 million dollars!

sugar daddy

Here is what happened. This site offers rich men to date hottest women if they pay them for each outing. He pays for the food, but to ask a girl out he also has to pay her some money. Ladies put a price on dates. It’s not about sex, at least not right away.

Men just pay to find awesome looking girls to go out with them and have fun. Samantha started at 100 dollars per date. She got rather popular on the site, and eventually her price rose up to 5 000 dollars! That’s pretty good. Men pay for your things, food and give you money for just hanging out with them.

However, the woman had a business plan in mind and needed money to fund it. One of the sugar daddies decided that this sugar babe is worth it. She wanted to start a cab service with hot women drivers. And he invested $2 million into her project.

girl and sugar daddy

Moreover, she has been hanging out with many wealthy and smart men. She listened carefully to their life stories and asked them for advice. It worked pretty much like a business school for her.

uganda against sugra daddy

However, not all the sugar daddy stories end well. In Africa, these men become the primary sources of HIV infection and in Uganda they even carry out an ad campaign against such a thing. So, before you decided to get a sugar daddy, think what consequences it may bring into your life.


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