FUNNY: This brave girl on a motorcycle invented a smart and hilarious way to fight garbage drivers!

How do you make people stop throwing garbage on the streets and keep the city clean? This girl on the motorcycle has found a way to do it. What she does is so funny!

girl on the bike

You walk down the street and see a person throwing garbage. That’s awful, but you have a chance to stop them and make them pick it up. But pedestrians are not the only one, who litter. What if the person rides a car throws the garbage and drives away?


This girl on a motorcycle has solved the problem. Whenever she sees a driver throwing trash out of the car’s window, she does a very simple thing. She picks it up, rides up to a car and throws it back it.


It’s a perfect cure for the litterbugs. The next time they do it, they’ll surely look around first or maybe change their mind and find the trash can to dispose of it properly. And the girl is safe, as she can quickly ride away and escape any problems on the narrow streets. What a woman! Watch and enjoy her adventures!

This girl is brave enough to take a stand for what she believes. Little things matter!


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