Formerly homeless teen creates gorgeous prom dresses

This 18-year-old boy is taking the fashion world by storm!

“My name is Jimelle Levon, I am a 17 year old fashion designer based in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been designing for four years now. I started off painting shoes and distressing jean shorts, then expanded from there. I have never taken any classes or been taught how to sew. I am a self taught artist. I believe that my only limit is myself, which is why I created my brand Koldkut and decided to give this website another try a year later. I have helped many local inspiring T-Shirt brands start up which is an honor. I feel as if since God blessed me with the talent I have at such a young age I should use it to help others. I hope you enjoy the website and visit back. Much Love.” – Jimelle Levon

This is what Levon wrote on his website KOLDCUT, where, by the way, you can watch his amazing works and even order a beautiful dress for yourself!

So, this determined kid has been sewing since 14, also he turned his bedroom into what he calls his “Sewing Lab,” the place where all the magic happens.

While growing up Levon faced big challenges,
“Me and my mother lived in a shelter before when I was in fifth grade,” Jimelle told WCMH. “From there on, once I hit sixth grade, I was always a hard worker, either shoveling the snow or anything to gain money because I didn’t want to be in the predicament anymore.”

But now this talented kiddo sells three or four dresses during prom season. He sells his gowns from $300-$450.

He’s very attentive to his clients, each dress is handcrafted and made especially for his customers

Just look at Jimelle’s beautiful prom dresses!







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