Absurd! See what was done to man whose wife gave birth (photos)

We have gotten to the stage where we need to ask ourselves questions as we critically reflect on the things we do in the name of tradition. 

As it is, we are the architect of our own destiny; tradition will always be what we want it to be. It is sad to know that many people have been led to believe doing something in a particular way is the norm.

Religious and cultural sentiments do not help either as they seem to put people in tight corners where they are stuck. They involve divinity in the things they do as they find a way of making people do them at all cost.

People celebrate in different ways; this is because the way we respond to things differ. The variation in ethnicity makes it difficult for people to pass judgement since what is acceptable in one tribe may be seen as a taboo in another.

A certain young man was decorated with powder because his wife gave birth to a baby boy. It is understandable that people’s reactions to good news vary but seeing a full grown man in powder from head to toe is absurd.

In some universities in Nigeria, students do different things to people who are matriculating or graduating. Seeing a full grown man washed in powder is certainly thought provoking. Is this some sort of initiation into fatherhood?

Find below some pictures that show what was done to man whose wife gave birth:

1. Really?

see what was done to man whose wife gave birth

Do people really go this far in celebrating the birth of a child?

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2. Fatherhood

see what was done to man whose wife gave birth

Well, nothing beats the joy of fatherhood. This may very well be the man’s first child. And the baby being a boy is worth celebrating. Male children are given preference in some parts of the country.

3. This is interesting

see what was done to man whose wife gave birth

Being poured powder to celebrate the arrival of a baby is thick in this part of the country; the powder had better be one with a good scent.

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4. A proud daddy

see what was done to man whose wife gave birth

As long as this man lives, he will always remember the event of that day. People make memories in different ways; if this is the way things are being done in that place, then it is imperative that we join in the celebration. Go grab your own powder!



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