Meet beautiful girl who graduated first class after near-fatal accident

A young lady has shared how she survived a near fatal accident and still went on to graduate with a first class degree.

A young lady identified as Rebecca, shared a story about how she survived a near-fatal accident in school and all the pain she had to endure in the hospital.

According to her, she still struggled to complete her studies, and guess what? She ended up finishing with a first class degree from the University of Ibadan (UI) recently and is currently doing her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

first class 2

Rebecca posing months after her near-fatal accident

Read what she had to say below:

”Saturday evening November 14 2015, reminds me of what it means to “fight for one’s life’. As I boarded a 20mins bike 4rm my school (UI) to the University college hospital (UCH, Ibadan) for a quick visit, I had no idea that was going to be my home for a while as within 5mins of leaving the school gate all I remember is a car running into my bike from the side… Me dragging my almost lifeless body away from the busy road, tasting blood in my mouth, pain all over my body,voices of concerned passers-by helping me up as they asked…“who should we call?”. “Jesus help me” was all I could mutter as I was trying hard to hold onto my life while hearing ‘Rebecca please don’t sleep, just keep looking at this light’ (Nokia torch light)

Drips, injections, doctors, questions. darkness… I couldn’t see a thing anymore… then I couldn’t make good sentences. ‘We have to run a CT scan and X-rays, to check her brain and her spinal cord’… that’s the last thing I heard. Neuro ward…that’s where I spent the following days. The nurses would clean your wounds daily but you are not to move…or turn your head, you will have to eat, urinate, poo, bathe on this bed. We need to be sure your spinal cord was not affected.’ The doctor said.

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Night was the time everything about life made me sad. I was a final year student, my project was still there, and I had exams in two weeks. I cried every night. Was I going to have an extra year? I kept asking God so many questions. I depended on the nurses for everything…everything! I left the hospital and then faced reality. My project, exams. I studied hard, it was difficult because I had to wear the neck collar since I insisted on going back to school, I did not want bed rest.

So everything I did, was with my neck collar, eat, drink, bathe, read. I could not bend, lift heavy things, or sleep on a bed…I would cry every time because I was in pain but I had to be strong. I read in neck collar, wrote my exams, defended my project and graduated with a 5.0 CGPA. With the help of God, family, friends, lecturers, roommate, course mates and doctors, I pulled through.

Oh!…I still do not know the car or the man who hit me…Witnesses said, he ran his tyres on us…dragged us as the bike got hooked to the car and drove off on top.

See more pictures of her below:

first class

Pictures of Rebecca wearing her neck collar

first class 1

Rebecca as a serving corp member

Wow! This is indeed amazing.


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