From gym workouts to walking down the aisle, see their INCREDIBLE love story (photos)

– Amara met James during a fitness boot camp in the UK

– James and her exchanged numbers and two years down the line, he proposed

– The two got married September 3 in a beautiful wedding ceremony


James Bower is a youth empowerment leader,  physical education teacher and qualified personal trainer. Amara is a UK based Igbo woman who is a fitness instructor.

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Their love for the gym and fitness brough them together and after two years of dating, the two got married recently in the UK. Amara could not contain her excitement and captioned a picture of the pair on Instagram with: “I married the love of my life, my king, my best friend, soulmate and now my handsome husband. We are officially now the new Mr. & Mrs. Bower!”

She also shared their unique love story on IG. She said: “Imagine being a girl one year into her fitness journey, popping along to a boot camp called Spartan fam after much persuasion from her friend and meeting someone who loves fitness, just as much as you do.”

couple 4

“They love spinach like you and can sit and munch on peanut butter like its crack, just like you. They don’t drink, they live healthily and they like to read, just like you.”

“Fate intervenes when you bump into them randomly after not seeing them for a while back at boot camp due to a bereavement in your family, you exchange numbers and they say they’ll call…they actually do call and you never go a day without speaking to them again.”

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“A year later they propose because to them you are a “TRUE QUEEN”, a year after that you get the keys to your new family home together and you’re about to get married!! Imagine being that girl? BECAUSE I AM THAT GIRL!!!!” See more photos below:

couple 3

couple 2

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couple 1


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