Exclusive: Two days to Sallah, ram sellers lament low turn-out (photos)

– Its just three days to Eid-el-Kabir celebration, and there is already a low turn-out of buyers at various ram markets in Lagos

– NAIJ.com’s visit to Adekunle ram market, Mile 12 revealed the low turn-out and prices of rams

– Sellers lamented low patronage, attributing it to the poor economic situation in the country

Barely three days to the celebration of Eid-el-Kabir, the turnout of buyers at various ram markets is already very low as NAIJ.com’s recent visits have proven.

Slaughtering of livestock especially rams during Islamic festivity, has become a usual practice for Muslims in Nigeria and all over the world.

Ram market

A ram seller looking helpless at Adekunle Ram Market, Mile 12, Lagos. Photo: Esther Odili

However, the economic situation in the country is already proving decisive to people’s ability or otherwise to make purchases.

Although the prices of ram varies depending on the size and location of purchase, there are some that are incredibly cheap and affordable.

Ram market

Abdullahi Adeniji, chairman of Adekunle Ram Market, Mile 12, Lagos. Photo: Esther Odili.

A visit to the Adekunle Ram Market by NAIJ.com revealed low prices of rams and low patronage as rams are sold from N35,000 upwards.

The chairman of Adekunle Ram market, Abdullahi Adeniji spoke with our correspondent on how long he has been in the business, the challenges and the patronage so far.

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Some ram sellers at Adekunle Ram Market, Mile 12, Lagos. Photo: Esther Odili

He said: “I have been in this business for 29 years now. I would say the change is real. We have seen some changes in the market presently. This is because we have suddenly discovered that there is no money, and people come and buy the rams according to their pocket. We know what is going on in the country now but we are managing.”

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When asked the price of ram, he said: “The price of ram is determined by the size (big or small), we have rams from N35,000,N40,000 and so on. The difference between the prices of rams sold last year is about N5, 000 –N10, 000. Because we know things are expensive now.”

Ram Market
Rams put up for sale at Adekunle Ram Market, Mile 12, Lagos. Photo: Esther Odili

According to Adeniji, maintaining the rams after purchase can be difficult for some buyers not leaving out the economic situation in the country.

He said: “I know people are struggling to get money to buy what they need, the way things are going now, no money. But we can’t conclude now of the turn-out so far. But we know some people love to wait a day before sallah because they can’t monitor or watch over the ram at home. So buyers are still coming. Some buyers cannot keep watch over the ram when purchased, therefore they choose to buy the ram a day before sallah.”

Ram Market

Rams having a field day at the Adekunle Ram Market, Mile 12, Lagos. Photo: Esther Odili

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Also, the cost of carriage and the days spent in buying the rams is also a determinant factor that influences the price of the ram at the market.

A seller who pleaded anonymity, said: “The transportation fare is high and the number of days we spend in purchasing the ram is more compared to last year. Before now, we spend two-three days, but now we spend Seven days because of the fare and distance of purchase.”

In addition, the location is also a huge challenge posed to the sellers because they go as far as buying the rams from Niger Republic, Kano and Maiduguri.

Ram Market

One of the sellers checking on rams at Adekunle Ram Market, Mile 12, Lagos, on September 10, 2016. Photo: Esther Odili

Yisa, a ram seller, says the patronage so far is encouraging.

He said: “Market has been great so far. We thank God for the patronage. The price of big rams that I sell is from N60,000 to N100,000. Before this period, market was favourable. The patronage was encouraging and I make profit from the purchase. I believe the city, Lagos is big enough, so also the citizen, to come and buy rams from us.0

“The present economy situation affects everyone, the buyer and the seller. Last year, a bag of rice costs N8, 000 but now it has gone so high that it is sold from N17, 000 -18,000. So everybody is aware of the hike in prices of goods. Right now we are hopeful in God, as we believe that customers will come between now and Sunday.”

Another ram seller, Musa Idris, told our correspondent that he has so far recorded low patronage, adding that rams are expensive this year.

Ram Market

A ram seller at Adekunle Ram Market, Mile 12, Lagos. Photo: Esther Odili

“The market is going smoothly, and we are grateful to God. But rams are expensive this year due to the economic situation. This year, we have recorded low sales so far compared to previous years because buyers complained that there is no money in circulation. This has expectedly affected us as well,” the man explained.

In a similar development, the price of local and imported food items have continued to rise in various markets with traders attributing the increment to the rise in dollar and restriction placed on imported commodities.


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