Catholic priest impregnates reverend sister, then this happens

A catholic priest has been sanctioned by the church after he allegedly got a nun pregnant.

Following a revelation that he has been sleeping with a reverend sister and that she’s expecting their child, Father Kevin Mthunzi Takaendesa of a parish in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, has been sanctioned.


Addressing the issue, the Archbishop of Bulawayo, Father Alex Thomas who was accused of chasing the reverend sister and father Kevin out of the church, said:

“Father Kevin was disciplined for impregnating a nun and I have it in writing, but he went to England on holiday which was planned at the beginning of the year. As you know that it’s not easy to walk to England. Disciplinary procedures are there in every field and as a church we’ve a Code of Canon Law which lays down administrative policies. If there is any misconduct we use it to discipline members.

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I can confirm that he (Father Takaendesa) went to England and came back to Bulawayo. The holiday had nothing to do with impregnating the nun as that is his own personal issue. I understand that a lot has been said about me and other priests but all this needs facts. I never transferred a priest to England after he impregnated a nun and I didn’t chase her away from church. Nuns have their own rules and systems. I don’t have to deal with nuns.”

Na wa oo! Things are really happening.


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