Atlanta ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER Is Blowing Up On INSTAGRAM . . . People Are Calling Her . . . The ‘SEXIEST TEACHER IN AMERICA’!!!


A Fourth grade teacher from Atlanta is making national news headlines. The teacher, who goes by the name “Paris Monroe” on the Gram is being hailed as the SEXIEST TEACHER in America.

Miss Monroe has been posting inspirational CLASSY pics on social media for a few years, but recently she’s gotten a number of high profile followers – including celebrities and rappers.

Check out her images:

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65 Responses

  1. Marcus says:

    Nice shape and beautiful…if she was large and in charge with the same outfits on this wouldn’t be an issue.

    • baby girl says:

      She’s beautiful and classy I just don’t like the fact she’s throwing up a gang sign in the bottom pic I wouldn’t want my child in a class where the teacher is gang banging that’s inappropriate.

      • anon says:

        what gang sign? I think you’re over thinking. She looks like she was caught mid-thought.

        • Sparkle_Fly says:

          Exactly Anon

        • B says:

          That’s what I was thinking , that’s no set in LA County for sure . Just caught her in motion

        • Diane says:

          Yeah, gang sign never crossed my mind. Some people are just so damn extra. Damn!

        • Nate says:

          I agree…people will say anything than saying something nice about a cute, and sexy female…women need to stand up and support other black women when they are doing greay things in the school district or community. This young lady didn’t hurt any kids while jusy posting pics as any other sexy, beautiful woman would do…smdh…WHY BLACK PEOPLE WHY…I’m sure if there have been any rules or regulations violated in her school district I’m sure the school board and principal would have brought all allegations forward and she would have been suspended or terminated, but that has not been the case…”Please Folks Mind Your Own Damn Business and leave this beautiful, sexy, fine ass teacher alone” Get a life”….💯💪👊✋👏👏👏👏👏

      • Ken says:

        You are a little slow, huh??? I understand…

      • Chuy says:

        Wow😱 😒
        How stupid is your comment?
        From a scale of 0-you, I’d say it’s pretty obvious.
        I don’t see “a gang sign” just a pic of her probably in movement.

      • Pharoah Monch says:

        The picture is taken from a video as she was talking and using her hands as she speaks.. Definitely not a gang sign..
        Educated people don’t use gang signs.. that doesn’t make any

      • Jboogs says:

        Really, a gang sign?..what set you claiming…SMMFH!

      • Tera says:

        She is reaching for her hair mid frame!!! Really? GANG SIGN. FI!!

  2. Nelson An'na says:

    Inappropriate for a 4th grade teacher.. She looks like a HIGH CLASS HOE

  3. M W says:

    What kind of clothes do you buy when your waist is that much smaller than your chest and hips? I knew women would hate.

    • baby girl says:

      I think the woman is dressed beautiful and looks classy I just don’t like the fact that she is throwing up a gang sign in the bottom pic I wouldn’t want my child in a class where the teacher is gang banging.

      • CPZ says:

        If you can tell me the name of the gang that she is apparently repping in that pic then I will agree with you. I think you are looking way too hard into that picture. To me, she looks like someone snapped a pic while she was talking. Most teachers I know talk with their hands, it would make sense that she was using them to be more descriptive. Don’t be so quick to judge.

      • Jboogs says:

        Really, a gang sign?..what set you claiming…SMMFH!

        @baby girl, you really need to stop with that gang banging sign B.S., unless you are white and live in the suburbs, then I completely understand..#DUMBASS!

  4. A. C says:

    If she was skinny or fat and didn’t have that beautiful body no one would care. I have 6 adult kids and im a grandmother i dont see anything wrong. As long as she soes her job well and continues ro so her job well her body shouldn’t be a factor. Hopefully she can teach some of our young ladies to appreciate the gift in havy beauty and brains and how empowering and inspirational that lesson could be.

  5. San says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with what’s she wearing. People need to stop hating .. If they had the body and education like her they wouldn’t be saying anything . She a beautiful young lady and I say wear whatever you feel comfortable in as long as she’s not wearing booty shorts to shouldn’t be a problem.

  6. Anitra says:

    She’s a beautiful young woman. There is nothing wrong with her attire. She is educated and curvy. She gets an “A +”. Get the heck off of here with that negativity, get a man, get a life, get some Jesus, and by alllll means get a gym membership!!! Messy old selves!!

  7. Richard says:

    Wish she had been my teacher in the 4th grade!!!

  8. Lloyd J says:

    It wouldn’t matter what she where’s with a body loke that there is no way she can hide all of that !?!

  9. Dave says:

    Very inappropriate and unprofessional. And she is a distraction to the students!

    • shonna says:

      umm probably more of a distraction for the fathers!

    • baby girl says:

      Her clothes isn’t inappropriate or unprofessional its her throwing up gang signs in the bottom pic with her sitting in that chair I wouldn’t want my child to be in her class if she’s gangbanging

      • Ms. Tee says:

        I don’t think you know anything about gangs or gang signs. You’ve said the same thing several times but you have not once stated what gang she’s representing. She’s clearly talking and was caught mid-statement.

      • G says:

        haha that doesnt look like a gang sign to me. just caught mid thought.

      • James says:

        U just mad Ur not getting them attention she’s getting an U don’t have what she has!! Haha LoL! #True #Hater #Alert

      • Jboogs says:

        Is there a button to block this ignorant @baby girl from posting the same BULLSHIT..Apparently she has a thing for gang signs. Any and everything she see’s is gang related..maybe she got banged by a gang and lost her dam mind!

        @baby girl..

  10. Biloxi Calhoun says:

    Wow great to see another sexy teacher. I am often talked about for my style of dressing . She can not help because her shape is that way and if she could i dont think she would

  11. Dayton says:

    She has class she has confident in herself, she is not no slob, the surrounding is clean, and I’m quite sure she will make sure her students is properly taught, and clean and safe, I’m quite sure a lot of parents would want their child in a clean environment and a teacher who look like she is educated. People need to stop hating and get educated and stop being DEPLORABLE.

  12. Dayton says:

    The problem is that they are jealous, and they need to call Jenny Craig and not the Donut shop and MacDonald’s.

  13. valdez says:

    When did being beautiful become a crime? What should she dress with long skirts and baggy shirts to please people? Guess what she’ll still make it look great. Why don’t those who are complaining wear that crap!

  14. Vashtie says:

    Wow! Young! She smart! Classy! And Attractive! I’m jealous! Got it going on! But very proud of my sister!

  15. NightOwl says:

    Fine as hell.

  16. ant says:

    Very appropriate Nothing is showing shes fully clothed stop hating

  17. Big C says:

    She’s not throwing a gang sign!! Haters will hate

  18. Durunn says:


  19. G says:

    She sends me. She knocked me off my feet. She caught my eyes.

  20. Cece says:

    Moms shouldnt’ be upset that fathers actually volunteer to take their children, and partcipate in school functions now. Lol… Beauty and Brains go along way. Shes a Beautiful Teacher that loves kids Im sure. Its sad how judgemental the ignorant can be.

  21. Dana Sr. says:

    She’ll be dismissed very soon. Very controversial situation she’s putting herself in. Ijs,,
    It is what it is…. People will complain to the School Board soon enough.
    When your working in the public eye… Your page and photos are not yours… It represents the very Company you work for… Sad… But True…
    Glad I’m Retired… So I don’t give a Possums turd what people say about my page or photos etc.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😳😳😳😳🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • The Truth says:

      I soooo agree! Plus, no one is saying that she isn’t beautiful. But, this is not a beauty contest!! Wearing this to the club . . . go right ahead sista!! Her effectiveness in the classroom is all that should matter. There is nooooo way the little boys in her classroom are paying attention to anything she is saying!! There is a dress code for students and there should be a dress code for teachers. What is the purpose of a dress code? Would any of the people condoning this let their daughters wear something like this to school? Also, one of these days she’s either gonna get a promotion or miss out on a promotion and she will be forever wonder if it was because of her body . . . and not her accomplishments.

  22. Teddy says:

    Morals start at home. Teach your child not to lust after the flesh or do YOU have a problem in that category. Hmmm….The women are just hating they don’t look like that and getting the attention. Again…everything starts at home. Ms.Paris Monroe, don’t let none of these folks or what is said in the media stop you for doing your job, which is so clear.”TEACHING” You need that King by your side to fight this nonsense with you.


  23. nat says:

    I don’t think this is worthy of news when Atlanta public school has a sorry history of students failing

    • nat says:

      cute, yes, but the highlight is getting the job done. They story failed to reflect on this issue, making this attractive woman a distraction to the real issue. I don’t see anyone jumping up in arms about the fact that these Atlanta Public School systems are failing our young black girls and boys… this does not make any sense to me. And she can’t speak on it for fear of losing her job

  24. Eduardo Dez says:

    Who cares about what she looks like? The question should be, how good is she at doing her job!

  25. eazy says:

    What if she was a white ????

  26. Theresa says:

    I totally agree with Nat is she getting the job done or is she just trying to get some attention.

  27. Nubian Queen says:

    I dress like that and I am a college professor. Some bodies husband is looking at her. The woman that is complaining is jealous. STOP HATING!

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