Meet Orem, Man of Sorrows and Tears – Touching Story That Will Make You Cry

Orem at the age of 10 he was doused with hot water by his step mother. At 16, his brother who supported him died.

At 20, now he lives with his brother, whose wife has denied him food and any form of support. He is eaten by jiggers and all manner of affliction is written all over him. He needs jiggers dug out of his feet and hands.

meet-orem-man-of-sorrows-and-tears-touching-story-that-will-make-you-cry-1 Orem need reconstructive surgery to help him have some face. Orem needs help. If you can add to his Medical Kitty, or help in other ways Visit the Facebook page (  for more details….watch the video below;

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