Wake with a Cum! Vibrating Alarm that Wakes You Up with an Orgsm Launched for Women (Photos)

The small plastic miracle which combines a vibrator with an alarm clock, has been invented and launched for women so that they can be woken up with an orgasm…yes you heard right, it’s a promise behind the new device making a buzz in the market, the ‘Little Rooster’ alarm. 
According to a report by Dailymail, the clever little alarm is worn inside your underwear, so that the long plastic rod of it slits on your clitoris.  wake-with-a-cum-vibrating-alarm-that-wakes-you-up-with-an-orgsm-launched-for-women-photos-1
It has 27 silent levels of vibration, as well as a snooze function
It was reported further that you program in an alarm time and then instead of emitting a loud noise, it simply starts to vibrate to bring you out of your slumber.
The vibrations automatically increase until you wake and turn it off. ‘You wake slowly. Sensually. Pleasurably,’ the Littler Rooster website says.
It costs $120 and has a one year warranty
The alarm has 27 levels, all silent, as well as snooze and travel lock functions. It’s completely rechargeable and has a one year warranty.
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