Tijani Wins Nigeria’s First Medal At Rio Paralympics (Photos)

This contrasts with Nigeria’s performance at the Rio Olympics, where the Dream Team saved the country a huge embarrassment by winning a silver medal only a few days to the end of the games.

This will also come as a big slap on the face of the able-bodied Olympians who failed to win more than a medal (the football event) at the recently concluded Olympics.

Nigeria won all her six medals at the London 2012 Paralympics in the powerlifting event with four gold and silver and the athletes are poised to repeat the same feat in this year’s competition.


Tijani competed in the women’s 45 kg power lifting event, and performed great but China’s Dandan Hu beat her to first place.

It was an intense competition between the duo that eventually saw Hu take the game.


Zoe Newson of Britain came in third place.

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