REAL AGONY! My Baby Died and Was Buried 7 Years Ago, But He Keeps Haunting Me Every Night – Woman Cries Out Bitterly

A woman simply known as Lebogang Malaka, has confessed that her baby boy who had died long ago keeps haunting her.
According to Daily Sun, for seven long years, Lebogang lived with a terrible secret buried under the floor of her shack. But the memory of the body in the shallow grave and years of bad luck have forced her to tell the truth.
“I must go dig out my baby because he is haunting me” she screamed on Wednessday afternoon and as villagers came running, the 25-year-old woman went into her shack in Switch, outside Mothutlung, North West, South Africa, and started digging.
The people watched as she came out of the house with a bucket carrying human bones, revealing the family secret.
“My baby died and my family forced me to bury him in the house,” she said. “Now I’ve dug him up because he was haunting me!”
She said her three-month-old boy died after swallowing the cap of a beer bottle in 2009.
“I wanted to bury my child in Oukasi, outside Brits but my gogo, my boyfriend’s mother and members of our families forced me to bury him in the house.
“My gogo made us swear it would be a family secret.”
But after that bad luck stalked the family. The secret became a nightmare and Lebogang started drinking. People thought that she was crazy because she was always talking about the baby. That was when she realised that she could no longer handle the baby’s cries in her head.
According to Daily Sun SA, matters got worse last week when Lebogang’s two aunts died just hours apart from one another. One fell and died and the other died in her sleep.
Neighbours told Daily Sun they had heard a child’s cries at night. Now that they know what happened they are hoping for more peaceful nights.
Isaac Moloko (40) said he hoped Lebogang will get better because people thought she was crazy.
“But I know she isn’t,” he said.
Lebogang’s gogo, Monika Malaka (71) said it was a family secret. “But Lebogang agreed to this. She was involved when we buried the baby.”  he said
Monika said people buried the dead that way in the past.
“We wanted to follow our roots, and we agreed on the burial as a family.” 
Her sister, Asnath Malaka (46), said she wasn’t there when the baby was buried but she has noticed that the family has had bad luck ever since.
“We have lost family because of this. Recently we lost two family members who mysteriously died in the same week.” 
She said she believes the family will have peace now that the secret is out.
North West police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Pelonomi Makau confirmed that bones were dug up in a house and taken for forensic investigation.
She said no one was arrested.

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