Pulse Opinion: The myth of celebrity power couples in Nigeria

10 times Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva relationship was the ULTIMATE goal

In Nigeria, a lot of celebrity couples are tagged power couples while in reality, they are far from it.

A power couple or a super couple is a pair of celebrities who are married and the public is fascinated by them.

The public is not only fascinated by them, they are obsessed by them with an intense interest. When the term celebrity couple pops up we think Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie, Jay Z-Beyonce, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

These aforementioned couples are superstars with their own world of fans. They have millions of fans, but beyond the multitude that worships they have what we call ‘presence’ and ‘weight’ in their respective industries. They are alphas within their fields, the cream of the crop and the pick of the litter. 

Power couples are everywhere in the world. In Nigeria, the term has been used a lot lately, but if we are going by global standards do we really have power couples in Nigeria? 

The Nigerian media gushes about ‘so, so and so’ as power couples and tag them as elites but are they? Let’s highlight the difference. Celebrity couple Osas Ighodaro and Gbenro Ajibade have often be touted as a power couple but in reality, they are a just a celebrity couple. 

First of all, they are not A-list actors. Though they are talented they do not belong in the upper echelon of Nollywood stars. A more pessimistic critic will tag them as upcoming movie stars. In Nollywood, they are not in the topmost layer where a Genevieve or Omotola reside. They don’t have ‘gravitas’ so to speak.  

Beyond their status within their field, they also do not have a legion of crazy fans. Yes, they are popular but does a mob come out of nowhere when they appear in public? The answer is evident, but they are not yet a power couple. 

The term power says it all. The power to influence, and dictate what goes on in your industry differentiates a celebrity couple from a power couple. There are tonnes of celebrity couples in Nigeria, some of them are Chris Attoh-Damilola Adegbite, 2face Idibia-Annie Idibia, and Stephanie Okereke-Linus-Idahosa Linus. Now, if Annie Idibia was an A-list actress then the Idibias can be a power couple. 

Before their break-up, Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz could have been termed a power couple. Tiwa Savage is an A-list singer and Tee Billz (during his prime) was one of the best talent managers in the country. Unfortunately, that union is over or so it seems.  

There is, however, no iota doubt when it comes to Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva. Now, this is a power couple. Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs are not only A-list actors, they are legends in the purest sense of the word. Married for 31 years, the Jacobs have built a cult fan base in Nollywood and in the entertainment industry. There is hardly any household in Nigeria that does not know Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva

In the entertainment industry, their name carries massive weight, influence, respect and prestige. When you think power couple its Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva that comes to mind. Now if Richard Mofe Damijo was married to Genevieve Nnaji then that would be a power union of epic proportions.

The media has to stop tagging two celebs that are married to each other as a power couple. It’s more than just that. A power couple is made up of a male and female celeb with equal and super footing in their respective industries. 


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