Maheeda: Nudist singer flaunts darker skin tone


Through to her words, Maheeda has stopped bleaching her skin, flaunting her darker skin tone via her Instagram page.

Maheeda has never hidden the fact that she was bleaching, the same way she made it clear that she had decided to stop it over a month ago.

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The controversial nudist has taken to her Instagram page to share new photos of herself showing a far darker skin tone than she has been known with over the last few years.

Maheeda looked at least 5 shades darker than she was seven weeks ago.

Two months ago, a fan commented on a new photo she shared, complaining that she was darker than normal.


In 2014, Maheeda, promised in form of a new year resolution, that she would stop bleaching and true to her words, she seems to have done just that.

Maheeda was quick to shut the fan down, asking that dark skin loving fans would be appreciated.


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Maheeda is the mother to a beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Divine Sam and is dating a Dutch man who she has mostly kept out of the eye of the media.


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