I Saw Your Mum Trekking On The Street Go Get Her A Ride – Fan Blasts Daniella Okeke & She Reply

Lool,. Oh my goodness. Some people need help. The actress was so upset, when a fan comes for her online and accused her of not getting her mom a ride after she was seen trekking on the street.
She came in big time on the fan, saying you can talk shit about me, but if you try it with my mom, I will murder you! Oh dear! Continue…
i-saw-your-mum-trekking-on-the-street-go-get-her-a-ride-fan-blasts-daniella-okeke-she-reply1 i-saw-your-mum-trekking-on-the-street-go-get-her-a-ride-fan-blasts-daniella-okeke-she-reply3

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