HILARIOUS! Young Lady Becomes A Laughing Stock Online Over Her Awkward Picture Pose (Photos)

This lady who was having a photo session on a parked car in her area -has become a topic of discussion online.. The young lady who appeared to be on her way out (judging from her attire) -couldn’t resist taking a picture which she shared online.

And as expected, online users couldn’t also resist making a mockery of the “awkward” picture pose… See below

hilarious-young-lady-becomes-a-laughing-stock-online-over-her-awkward-picture-pose-photos4 hilarious-young-lady-becomes-a-laughing-stock-online-over-her-awkward-picture-pose-photos5 hilarious-young-lady-becomes-a-laughing-stock-online-over-her-awkward-picture-pose-photos6

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