Frank Edoho: TV personality celebrates wife in the sweetest way

Frank Edoho

Frank Edoho has a lot he's grateful for when it comes to his wife Sandra, and he didn't hesitate to let her know as she turned a year older.

Frank Edoho has outdone himself celebrating his wife, Sandra as she turned a year older today, September 9.

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The pregnant mother-of-two took to her Instagram page to share the sweet message her hubby sent to her mother, thanking her for giving his wife to him.


Commenting on , Sandra wrote,

"My mom forwarded me a message from my Husband to her this early morning…."

The message the TV personality sent to his mother-in-law read:

"Hello Mummy. I just want to thank you for giving birth to the most beautiful loving girl any man would be so lucky to have.

 "Your upbringing has given her discipline and a hard-working nature.

"Your religious background has developed her into a God-fearing woman of God.

"Your generosity has given her the spirit of selflessness. Your love has strengthened her belief in family and unity.


"On this occasion of her birthday, I find it wise to go to the source of who moulded my wife to become the wonderful woman that she is now.

"I don’t deserve this kind of luck and happiness but I thank God and I thank you for everything you have done for me.

"Be proud of your daughter just the way I am proud of my Wife.

"God bless you on this occasion of Ijeoma’s Birthday and I wish you long life and everlasting peace.

"God bless you, Daddy, Teddy, Nnanna, Pastor Nkem for giving me life’s most precious gift- a good , caring, loving, generous, God-fearing wife.

"I will forever love all of you for that. I thank you, Mummy Joy. God bless you.

"Your Son-in-law,

"Frank Edoho."

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We can bet that very few eyes remained dry after reading this message especially those to whom the sweet message was addressed.

Happy birthday to Sandra once again!


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