Absurd: Man walks naked to earn N10,000 bet in Abuja

A naked man riding a motorcycle

A man in his 30s reportedly walked about naked to earn the sum of N10,000 in a challenge thrown at him by his friends in Abuja.

Many residents of Kabayi, Maraba area of Abuja were left stunned when a man, believed to be in his 30s, was seen walking about naked solely to earn N10,000.

According to a report by Daily Trust, the man whose identity drama is yet to be disclosed, started attracting attention when he decided to prove to his friends that he could do anything for money.

It was further reported that after being challenged by his friends, the man accepted the challenge and stripped himself of all clothing materials to walk about naked.

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An eyewitness reportedly said: “I couldn’t believe it but it is real. I saw people running to have a glimpse while others, maybe scared, stayed away.”

After the parade, the man reportedly got his N10,000 prize money and walked away even as residents watched him in dismay.


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  1. princevinco says:

    These days some people are not bothered or mindful of their personality because of the issue of money. They have forgotten that good name is better than silver and gold

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