33 "Save The Last Dance" Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Julia Stiles did most of her own dancing.

Paramount Pictures / BuzzFeed

1. Julia Stiles claims that her drunk dancing scene in 10 Things I Hate About You helped her win the role of Sara in Save The Last Dance.

2. Although Stiles grew up dancing, she had no formal ballet or hip hop training before she was cast.

3. But she did do a month and a half of dance training, for six hours a day, before she started filming. And throughout filming, she took choreography classes at the weekends.

4. She ended up doing all of the hip hop and most of the ballet dancing herself. But she did use a stunt double for the en pointe ballet.

5. And she enjoyed dancing so much that she said filming the club scenes felt like getting paid to be at a party.

6. But although Stiles says she was in the best shape of her life when she filmed Save The Last Dance, she also said she had callouses, bunions, and blisters on her feet and the dancing made them bleed all the time.

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