University Student Creates Photo Series Showing Graphic Sexual Assaults Against Victims

Yana Mazurkevich, student of Ithaca College,USA has created a photo series, dubbed ‘It Happens’
Her photo series was created as an angry response to the release of a r*pist, Brock Turner, from jail.
Brock Turner, a Stanford University student, was some time ago, found guilty of assaulting an unconscious woman on Stanford’s campus, and was sentenced to just six months and only served three months.
After feeling outraged and angry at the Brock Turner rape trial in America, Yana Mazurkevich launched a powerful photo campaign (Warning: Some of these images are quite violent, or graphic in nature.)
The images, created for sexual assault awareness media platform Current Solutions, show both male and female victims and attackers.
According to Yana Mazurkevich, the It Happens photo series was created after she had heard so many stories about sexual assault from her friends that.
“There came a point where ‘it just p***es you off and you want to do something about it.” she said
See more photos below:
 university-student-creates-photo-series-showing-graphic-sexual-assaults-against-victims-6 university-student-creates-photo-series-showing-graphic-sexual-assaults-against-victims-2 university-student-creates-photo-series-showing-graphic-sexual-assaults-against-victims-3 university-student-creates-photo-series-showing-graphic-sexual-assaults-against-victims-4 university-student-creates-photo-series-showing-graphic-sexual-assaults-against-victims-5

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