Shocking! Two lil boys allegedly rapes and kill 1-year-old in Cameroon (photos + video)

As unbelievable and shocking as the story may sound, these two little boys allegedly raped a 1-year-old, forced her into a pit toilet and then used a stick to hit her to death. The incident happened on Wednesday, September 7, at Kumbe Balindo in Cameroon. Medical report indicates that the baby’s private was destroyed. The boys have been arrested and taken to Mundemba, Ndian Division, South West region where they confessed to committing the crime.

I am literally shocked how these lil boys I doubt are above 4 and 8 can even conceive such a devilish act. What baffles me is that, what do they know about sex? Not to talk of having the desire?? Chai!! The devil is a liar. Watch the video where the admitted to committing the crime below; 

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