SHOCKING! Pregnant Woman Attacked With Acid By Her Mother-In-Law In Attempt To Kill Her Baby

An helpless pregnant mother who is now recovering in hospital after her Indian in-laws poured acid on her bump in an attempt to fry the baby after a prediction it would be a girl. 

The 27-year-old victim – named as S Girija by police in Nellore, eastern India – collapsed in agony when her husband’s mother and her sister-in-law poured a powerful acid on her baby bump.shocking-pregnant-woman-attacked-with-acid-by-her-mother-in-law-in-attempt-to-kill-her-baby-3
Investigators believe that the women were attempting to kill both Girija and her unborn child after an astrologer said she was expecting a girl.

Police have confirmed the victim’s mother-in-law is on the run, but her husband and his father, who were not named in reports, have been arrested in the attempted murder investigation.shocking-pregnant-woman-attacked-with-acid-by-her-mother-in-law-in-attempt-to-kill-her-baby-1

Girija already has an 18-month-old daughter and police believe she was attacked to stop her husband fathering a second girl.shocking-pregnant-woman-attacked-with-acid-by-her-mother-in-law-in-attempt-to-kill-her-baby-2

The attack came just days of the victim’s mother-in-law had consulted a fortune teller over the baby’s gender, according to local reports. Medics say she has severe burns over 30 percent of her body.

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