Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Break Up: The World Reacts

Their three-month relationship was the source of tabloid fodder all summer long, so now that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are done (according to sources close to People Magazine), the world can let out a collective sigh.

Who besides us thought this was just another publicity stunt?  Everyone?  OK, good.

Below is a journey through the reactions of Hiddleswift fans the world over.

1. Tom and Taylor Split Up!

Kristin wiig no way gif

2. Their Relationship Only Lasted Three Months!

Queen elizabeth unimpressed gif

3. Do You Wonder Why They Split Up?

Boo is bored monsters inc gif
Or are you more psyched about your nap?

4. Pardon The Interruption, But Hiddleswift Is No More

Amy poehler george clooney cuddle gif
I’ll pass along your condolences…

5. So, It Was An Actual Relationship?

Ryan gosling gif
They didn’t really like each other, did they?

6. In July, Tom Told The Hollywood Reporter He and Taylor Were Very Happy

Tim curry bored gif

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